I have a question for you Christian. And for starters, I know that you know what to say when faced with a question like this. Don’t give me a canned answer. We know each other better than that. I’m not asking you this question because I want to hear the rehearsed Sunday school answer that we both know so well. We need to be real with each other. I’m not looking for you to give me the right stats, the right Bible references, or regurgitate the same song that we have learned to sing to each other. This question has to do with what you REALLY believe.

My question is this: Is God’s Word enough for you? Is it enough?

Last Saturday night was one of those nights. I couldn’t sleep. I laid there awake as I stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t see it, the room was dark, but if my eyes could have cut through the darkness I would have seen that white wall about 8 feet above my head. As I sat there staring into the darkness I thought about all the other ceilings I feel in my life, the ones I hit my head up against as I try to jump. We all have these ceilings, some we inadvertently set for ourselves, while others are placed around us in God’s providence.

Suddenly I heard a voice. It was a real voice. It was as audible, real, and clear as someone lying right next to me talking into my ear. It was a recognizable voice. It cut through the darkness and spoke into me exactly what I needed to hear. The voice said, “Isn’t it enough?”

I know what you’re thinking. You’re wishing that you’d had such a divinely appointed experience. You’re longing to hear that audible voice asking you questions of such amazing spiritual significance. Don’t get discouraged, things aren’t always as they seem.

The voice repeated the phrase again. “Isn’t it enough?”

I decided to talk back to the voice. Like little Samuel in the temple of the Lord I responded:

“Isn’t what enough?”

The voice responded: “God’s Word.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Carissa (my wife–who I had thought was already asleep) continued: “What more do we need than God’s Word? We know He has spoken, we know He has called, we know He has provided again and again. We can specifically point to places in His Word where He has met us and confirmed His will in our lives. Isn’t that enough? What more do we need than God’s Word?”

My mind began to flood with Bible references. You may be different, but that’s just how my brain works. I thought about Jeremiah 1 and 1 Chronicles 12:22 and Psalm 1 and 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 and 1 Samuel 16:7. Then my mind jumped to correlations between these texts and the people who lived them. I thought of a shepherd boy who cut off the head of a trash-talking giant who was defying the living God. I thought about an arrogant murderous Pharisee who was blinded by the appearance of King Jesus on the road to Damascus, and who was called to change the world. I thought about a teenage Hebrew boy nicknamed “the weeping prophet” who was called to pronounce judgment on a wayward nation, and who paid the price dearly for being a mouthpiece of Yahweh.

Let me ask you again Christian. Is that enough? Is God’s Word enough for you? Is what He has spoken, promised, delivered, guided through, and confirmed enough for you? What else do you need?

About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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5 Responses to Enough?

  1. Dear Pastor A,
    Yes, His word is enough. From experience in life that I have had, I know that it is enough. Trust and faithfulness, two most precious aspects of God and His Word that I have experienced. His Word is forever, it will not change or fail!

  2. KT says:

    good question; i will be honest- no it was not enough…for a long time it just was not enough… It made no sense, was dry & dusty, confusing and hard to comprehend, even went to Bible College, wrote all kinds of papers and it just was not enough. It became a little alive for me when I preached my first sermon in homiletics class. I could sense the power in the Word. But that was when it was just a book to me, when I was still young in my faith and carnal. A book of rules, do’s and don’ts from a God that did not seem to care at a personal level. I knew it had tremendous value because it has outlasted all others, but could not connect to that value. Not until it became alive, really alive within my spirit. Not until He became really alive to me. I had heard over the years it was what we as Christians are to live by. But that was not my experience. It is not what I saw and see around me with other “christians” even today. But now; yes it is enough!!! I hear it come out of my mouth more and more and more and I testify to how alive it is on a daily basis. The more I diligently seek Him, the more He rewards me with experiencing Him through each and every page. so now when I read passages that speak of Him providing everything I need for life and godliness, I know that I have to keep reading, dig deeper, search out the depths and I will find the answers I am seeking. His Word promises it! Deep calls to Deep! Yes!!! It is enough…finally!! Praise HIS Name!

  3. Bernice says:

    His Word..yes, but I need to hear it again and again from you. Sometimes a phrase from you will trigger my thinking process. “In the beginning was the Word” and He is alive today.

  4. Tim Padget says:

    Ten years ago I answered ‘No’ to that question. I was tired of waiting for His will and His time. I decided to go after what I wanted and take it now. I walked away. I didn’t stop believing, I just walked away to pursue my own will and desires instead of God’s.

    That was singularly the worst decision I have ever made. Walking my own way led to disaster and ruin. My plans fell apart, my desires became bitter. But for all the time I spent walking away, it only took a step to get back. Turns out you don’t get very far on your own.

    I have learned the hard way it is better to wait on the Lord than to run after ones own desires. He is faithful, His plans are for good, He does keep his Word. This is not what I believe, this is what I KNOW.

  5. Lisa says:

    A couple of years ago the Lord gave a word to our church through a member in our congregation. I have never forgotten the word because a couple of days later the Lord put a song on my heart that put to rest a question that I was asking regarding it.

    The word paraphrased from my memory was the following: That He had prepared a table for us and that we were to come to His table and eat.

    My question was, what are we eating? What does He have for us? This was the reply He gave to me in song:

    “We came to you by your invitation.
    You said, ‘Come and eat at my table.’
    We asked, ‘Lord what do you have for us?’
    And you said…
    ‘I am more than enough for you.
    I am more than enough for you.
    I am more than enough for you.
    Yes, I am.’

    I came to you for restoration.
    I’m thirsty in this very dry land.
    Stones turned to bread won’t satisfy my hunger.
    So, I come to you…
    ‘Cause You are more than enough for me (repeat)
    Yes, You are.

    Say to my soul ‘I am your salvation’
    when circumstances try to prove you wrong.
    I want to give a correct estimation of who You are
    ‘Cause You are more than enough for me.” (repeat)
    Yes, You are.

    You are more than enough for me
    Say to my heart that wants to flee
    You are more than enough for me
    Say to my soul who is so weary
    You are more than enough for me
    Say to my soul. Say to my soul.

    I hadn’t thought of this song for sometime but it was put on my heart again this morning and I was inspired (I believe by the Holy Spirit) to write the bridge (the last part of the song). You can imagine my surprise when I read your blog today asking if His Word is enough. I think He has answered that question for us in many different ways…YES! It is a quick and like you said learned answer, but I think its important to recognize that our soul, heart and mind can really put up a fight in defending how it feels rather than what is right or true. “Say to my soul ‘I am your salvation'” is a quote from Psalm 35:3 David was in the middle of writing a petition to God. He wanted God to fight for him, to destroy his enemies and rescue him and even David was desperate for God to remind his soul that God was his salvation. In the same manner I find that I too have to regularly check-in (if you will) to the Word and say okay God give it to me straight, help me now and remind my soul that You are more than enough cause I’m not feeling right now. And He is faithful and though my circumstances may not change a bit the attitude of my heart is changed from weak and weary to trusting and knowing and yeah, I still get nervous at times, but I am always His and that is enough for me!
    Thus concludes my uh-um comment 🙂

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