Sub-Urban Legends

I’m working on a sermon series right now that I’m planning for the post-Easter months of May and June.  I’d love your feedback on it. 

The series is called “Sub-Urban Legends: Exchanging the truth for a lie” 

I’m going to address from Scripture the major myths that float around in our culture about the Bible, God, Jesus, and the church.  I’m looking for around 8 themes that I can focus on over 8 weeks.  I have 3 or 4 already that I’m going to take on, and my goal is to fill the series out with popular themes that we hear those who are skeptical or searching ask questions about.  Here is what I have so far:

1) “The Bible isn’t reliable.”
2) “If God is good, why is there suffering in the world?”
3) “All paths lead to the same place.” (i.e. all religions are the same, or all roads end at the same destination).
4) “The church is just after my money.”

What are some others?  Feel free to comment on here and get a conversation going, or you can email me @

Thank you everyone!


About Pastor Andrew

Follower of Jesus, Husband to Carissa, Daddy to four daughters, Lead Pastor at LifePoint Church in Vancouver, WA.
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12 Responses to Sub-Urban Legends

  1. June McConnell says:

    One of the trite or simple comments I hear that leaves me wondering is when people do not like to work hard (have a low work ethic) & say God will provide. I have always trusted God to provide but didn’t he give us the ability to work and think and make wise choices. I guess it is a matter of earned or given.
    The other comment pepole make is you just didn’t pray hard enough. When our son Aaron died after a long and lengthy illnesss we had many people come to us and say “you didn’t pray hard enough.” Not the case Godis the perfect designer of our lifes. He knew us before we were.

  2. chaz rainwater says:

    Here’s a couple that I hear from time to time….
    If God created everything then he must have created evil
    If God controls everything and has a plan for each of us then He already knows wether we go to Heaven or Hell
    If God created everything , who created God?
    Isnt religion an invention of people just to meet thier pshycological needs?
    You cant take everything from the Bible literally
    ………….there are a few

  3. Paul Conway says:

    Top 4 doubts of youth/young adults in America are on your list except one:

    Does God Love me (based on my behavior)
    The myth outside the church is:
    God doesn’t reject me because of my behavior
    The Myth in the church is:
    God rejects/accepts me on a day to day basis based on my behavior.

    The recent statistic from the Fuller Youth Institute shows that the reason 50% of our kids growing up in church leave at college is because we pass on the rule of God for behavior but not the Grace of God for failure, which is inevitable.

    Sorry for not giving it a subject/compliment and Homiletical idea, but there is something there buddy.

  4. Marc Jones says:

    “I have time.”
    “I’m a good person. God will let me into heaven.”
    “I’m already a Christian. I don’t need to go to church.”
    “God doesn’t exist.”
    “The Bible is just a historical document/book of philosophical teaching.”
    “The Church doesn’t have anything to offer me.”
    “Christians are all right-wing wackos/intolerant/mean/boring”

  5. Dave Dingman says:

    How about “God allows. Sickness, death or other calamity to teach us a lesson”

    • Mendi Yoshikawa says:

      That’s a good one. My mother used to tell me in my non-church going days that any minor trouble in my life like my car breaking down or other financial woes was punishment from God for straying. Had a hard time keeping my mouth shut when she had her TV, washing machine and some other thing break down in the same week (but I did)… 🙂

  6. Bryan Soemo says:

    That God is a killjoy and wants us to be miserable or not have any fun.

  7. Gene Pearce says:

    I already emailed this in but thought I’d post it here too. How about “The Church is full of hypocrites”

    • Jeff Miles says:

      Yeah, that’s a good one. A great reply is a line from a Steve Taylor song: “Come on in, there’s room for one more!”

    • Gordon Padget says:


      I’ve heard this one a lot from young adults, who at one time attended church when they were younger but stopped when in high school or right after.

  8. Jolene Rolison says:

    Pastor Andrew-

    I think one of the biggest myths that I hear from people is, “If God is so powerful and can control all things; than how come bad things happen to me or why am I being punished?” Usually these people are feeling this way because they have lost a loved one or they lost their job of 15 years or they got into some trouble they can’t get out of. I know this may fall into your #2 of “if God is good, why is there suffering?” however I think this tends to be so broad and could maybe be 2 themes. Meaning people blame God for major catastrophes (i.e. 911 or Katrina) and blame God for their own dark times. “If God is this great being that we rely on; how come my life is falling apart or why is the world the way it is today when we believe God wants what is best for us”. I say to them, “We need to recognize that our very minds were created by God. We can only use our minds to the extent that He allows, and it is, therefore, utterly presumptuous for us to use our minds to question God and His motives.”

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